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EHR adoption is good for job market, report shows

by Jeremy Duca, Corporate Communication Specialist
Category: EHR News

Now is a good time to be a health IT professional, as a new report indicates that jobs in this profession are growing at a rapid clip thanks largely to the government's EHR incentive program.

Job resource cite Medzilla estimates that 50,000 new jobs have been created in the health IT field since 2009, when the government passed the HITECH Act, which authorized funding for the EHR incentive program.

"The statistics over the past few months have been more than encouraging," said Del Johnson, director of client relations at Medzilla. "Here you have two, previously separate industries that are rapidly growing into one another. Where the two meet you have an opportunity to explore a completely new labor pool."

He added that the development could play an important role in buoying the economy during this time of turbulence and intense competition for jobs. Furthermore, employment for health IT professionals is only expected to increase.

Johnson said that HHS's recent decision to delay the deadline for meeting the requirements of the second stage of meaningful use could lead to broader adoption of EHRs, creating even more jobs. 

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