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EHR implementation rates in the U.S. and abroad

by Jeremy Duca, Corporate Communication Specialist
Category: EHR News

While healthcare providers in the United States have increased EHR implementation rates steadily throughout the past three years, the nation still lags far behind several countries. Experts believe that the efforts of officials and the increasing knowledge of EHR system benefits will drive implementation rates higher in the coming years.

HIT Consultant recently posited several reasons why it believes the United States has fallen behind the pack in EHR implementation rates. According to the news provider, a study revealed that efforts from the U.S. government started slightly later than public sector reforms in other nations, while the demands of the new laws were less stringent than those abroad.

Furthermore, the source noted that the United States is among the largest first world nations, and as such has a higher population and number of healthcare providers than countries with higher EHR implementation rates such as Germany and New Zealand. HIT Consultant asserted that the current trend among healthcare providers in the United States indicates that EHR implementation rates will rapidly rival those of other nations.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services explained recently that EHR adoption rates have increased among rural healthcare providers, which have thus far been the slowest types of organizations to meet meaningful use. 

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