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President proclaims National Health Information Technology Week

by Jeremy Duca, Corporate Communication Specialist
Category: Healthcare IT

As part of an effort to raise the public's awareness of the important role electronic health records systems will play in the future of healthcare, President Barack Obama recently announced that the week of September 11 through 17 will be recognized as National Health Information Technology Week.

In a proclamation issued on Monday, the President said technology will bring greater efficiency, improved quality and lower costs to the healthcare system, which are three things sorely needed right now. Additionally, he said the wider use of EHR systems could lead to job creation and economic stimulation.

"Health information technology connects doctors and patients to more complete and accurate health records," the President's announcement stated. "Tools like electronic health records and electronic prescriptions help patients and providers make safer, smarter decisions about healthcare."

As part of National Health Information Technology Week, organizations including HIMSS and government agencies will hold a series of lectures and discussions at sites throughout Washington, DC. The events are intended to inform the public about the benefits of EHRs and give physicians a chance to interact with policymakers.

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