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Welcome! Read what physicians, administrators, orthopaedists, cardiologists, and ophthalmologists say about SRS EHR, our support and implementation, and how it benefits their busy practices:

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Physician Testimonials

Francis J. O'Donnell, M.D. OrthoNeuro, Columbus, OH

“We need a solution that will streamline our workflow and not impede the physician-patient relationship we value so much. The Rx Workflow Manager™ with ePrescribing and Order Management modules will speed up our prescription and test-ordering process, and the optional easy-to-use templates will allow us to interact with our patients without onerous pointing and clicking in the exam room.”

Jamal Ahmad, M.D. Rothman Institute, Philadelphia, PA

"My patient volume ranges from 35 – 50 patients each day I am in the office. Since we implemented SRS, I care for all my patients more effectively and efficiently and receive all the benefits of the SRS EHR without being slowed down. Furthermore, with the SRS EHR, I can more effectively review clinical data—it just makes everything easier for me."

Charlie Leinberry, M.D. Rothman Institute
Philadelphia, PA

"Almost anyone with computer skills can learn to work with the SRS EHR with minimal training or experience. Ease-of-use and delivery of valuable clinical information are just a couple of the benefits I've derived from using the system. The robust functionality of the EHR allows for research and data to be entered, tracked, and reported, and the unique messaging capabilities facilitate communication without requiring a trail of office notes and phone messages. As a result, the response time to patient inquiries has improved greatly, which is something our patients have gladly noted."

Richard Boss, M.D. Pine Medical Group, Fremont, MI

"I’m much more efficient, I’m much better able to keep track of things, and I think I am much better at medical care. The system has paid for itself and it will continue to pay for itself many times over."

Adam Fenichel, M.D. Jewett Orthopaedic Clinic, Winter Park, FL

"One of the features the physicians really like about the SRS EHR is the patient photos that accompany every digital chart. When we are on call on the weekend and a patient needs a prescription, we can see the photo of the patient for whom we need to write a prescription—we are more confident with the facial recognition the photo provides and having the chart with complete clinical data. The fear of writing a prescription without full information no longer exists."

Craig M. Walker, M.D. Cardiovascular Institute of the South, Houma, LA

“After suffering through three failed attempts to implement traditional EMRs—the most recent being a CCHIT-certified product—we were thrilled to find a solution that was fully embraced throughout our entire enterprise. SRS clearly understands our complex clinical workflows, and their robust EHR easily conformed to the diverse requirements of each of our providers. We could not have found a better partner.”

Thomas E. Dunlap, M.D. Northern California Medical Associates, Santa Rosa, CA

"The opportunity to 'test drive' the SRS EHR with no strings attached eliminated any hesitations we had and showed that SRS has 100% belief in their solution—that confidence is very reassuring. The pilot program proved that we would be successful with SRS enterprise-wide."

J. Mark Engel, M.D. University Children's Eye Center, East Brunswick, NJ

"The accolades we received from high-profile SRS users nationwide were very influential in our decision to implement SRS EHR. I was extremely impressed with the flexibility and usability of the SRS solution—in today's market, an intuitive, user-friendly solution is not easy to come by."

Robert D. Keehn, M.D. OrthoMaryland, Baltimore, MD

"I have maximum control over my clinical environment without sacrificing the way I prefer to practice medicine."

Thomas G. Padanilam, M.D. Toledo Orthopaedic Surgeons, OH

"After extensive EMR research and comparative product evaluation, we concluded that the SRS EHR would deliver considerable workflow efficiencies not likely with other EHRs—and would do so quickly. We see tremendous opportunities for practice growth with SRS, and appreciate that we will not have to modify our successful practice styles in order to achieve this growth."

James S. Gebhard, M.D. Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates
Grand Junction, CO

"SRS has made access to complete and accurate patient charts simple, convenient, and fast. Patient visit documentation is easy for the doctors and the efficiency of the entire office has increased."

Harvinder Sandhu, M.D. Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY

"When making my decision as to which EMR to purchase, having a digital solution and being able to quickly alleviate the shortage of available space in my office were my primary goals. The elegant design of the SRS EHR and the simple interface has made it easy for me to reach my goals."

Neal Zimmerman, M.D. Greater Chesapeake Hand Specialists, Lutherville, MD

"I’m a surgeon, so I’m not in the office about 40% of the time. I’m in the operating room. I take my tablet and sign into SRS whether I’m in our surgery center or the hospital. I have full functionality. I can do all my lab reports and call my patients from home. SRS means I now play golf when I’m done with surgery on Tuesdays."

Roger Blauvelt, M.D. Cascade Orthopaedics, Auburn, WA

“A high-performance EMR was the next logical step as we continue to upgrade and modernize our clinical operation. Upon researching the overwhelming EMR/EHR market, SRS EHR quickly emerged as an industry leader, and one well suited to fill our needs with a minimum of transition headache. An EHR has become a 'must' in practices with multiple providers doing work in multiple locations.”

Carlos Guanche, M.D. Southern California Orthopedic Institute, Van Nuys, CA

“Within days, SRS EHR transformed my practice into a calm and organized operation, enabling me to deliver efficient and superior care. After thoroughly researching traditional EMRs, we realized that each physician would have to invest far more in lost productivity than the potential $44,000 government incentives. It is crystal clear why SRS enjoys a dominant market share in orthopaedics.”

Byron Tabbut, M.D. Wheaton Eye Clinic, Wheaton, IL

"I am ‘Evangelistic’ about the SRS solution...your best advocate. My practice’s growth, with paper, was limited. With SRS, our growth was enabled. We added three new physicians last year and are projected to add two this year and no ancillary staff is needed to support them."

Anthony Viola, M.D. New Milford Orthopedic Associates, CT

"In order to reap the advantages of an all-digital environment, each and every one of my colleagues will need to shift completely away from our antiquated paper-based chart system. Because SRS is an easy-to-use, intuitive solution that increases physician productivity and workflow efficiency, I have no doubt that the transition to SRS will be a complete success."

Stephan M. McCollam, M.D. Peachtree Orthopaedic Clinic, Atlanta, GA

"It is critical that someone speak on behalf of the physicians to make sure that the government's expectations for 'meaningful EHR use' do not place unrealistic burdens on them. Private-practicing physicians are underrepresented on the government's committees, so I hope that the petition and provider comments will be given significant consideration as the regulations are finalized."

Peter G. Noordsij, M.D. Concord Orthopaedics, NH

“The SRS EHR addresses our physicians’ technology needs without interrupting the way we practice medicine. Since the SRS EHR is composed of customizable modules, we were able to select and modify the technology to fit the needs of our practice.”

Dan A. Nichols, M.D. St. Paul Eye Clinic, MN

"In order to modernize our high-volume practice, we needed a usable solution that would satisfy the demands of each individual physician. For example, the SRS Interoperability Dashboard provides a time-saving, one-screen snapshot of a patient's complete medical history, and each physician can modify the Clinical Summary view to meet his or her own preference. This efficiency and flexibility made the SRS EHR the clear choice for our practice."

David M. Pope, M.D. Bone & Joint Clinic of Baton Rouge, LA

"The SRS EHR allows us to streamline our clinical workflow, boost our productivity, and focus our time on delivering quality patient care—rather than entering data. Providing the best care possible to my patients in an effective and efficient manner is my number-one priority, and SRS is clearly focused on helping me accomplish these goals."

Jacob R. Battle, M.D. Waco Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Clinic, Waco, TX

"The conversion to electronic medical records was painless, the immediate efficiency we experienced throughout our office was remarkable, and we have clearly improved our level of patient care and service, I have no regrets regarding our decision to go with the SRS EHR—the only mistake we made was not making the change to SRS years ago."

Joseph Schwartz, M.D. Bone & Joint Specialists, P.C., Merrillville, IN

"Prior to implementing the SRS EHR, a patient encounter form was completed at the end of every appointment. With SRS Routing Forms, this important task is completely automated, effortless, and fast. With 1 click the encounter form pops up auto-populated with patient demographics. I quickly select the orthopaedic procedure codes, and with 1 click of the mouse the encounter form is saved to the patient’s chart and routed to the billing department where the staff immediately begins working on it. Everything is completely documented and we never lose the encounter form as it is automatically and instantaneously filed in the correct tab in the patient’s chart. All this is done before the patient even leaves the exam room and allows me to continue to focus my direct attention on the patient and not the process. Our patients receive enhanced and personal care and I’ve saved valuable time allowing me the flexibility to spend my time the way I choose."

Burrel C. Gaddy, M.D. Midwest Orthopaedics, Shawnee Mission, KS

"The confidence SRS had that their EHR solution was the right choice for our practice was very reassuring and 100% justified. In hindsight, it's no surprise that SRS is an industry leader, given the quality of its product, its deep understanding of physicians' needs, and its dominant experience in orthopaedics. Only SRS is willing to put its money where its mouth is."

Chris Nicholson, M.D. Southeastern Orthopedic Center, Savannah, GA

“The CCHIT EMR we had purchased would have placed overwhelming demands on our physicians and resulted in a significant loss of productivity, even if we had overcome the initial implementation hurdles. SRS will be easily adopted by all of our providers because it accommodates each of our individual practice styles, and I am confident that it will deliver workflow and patient-care advantages that far surpass whatever we might have received from the government.”

Richard E. Fleming, M.D. Princeton Orthopaedic Associates, NJ

"When patients call with questions, I can effortlessly access their charts through the SRS EHR. The turnaround time has been wonderful! My patients love that I get back to them quickly and always have all their information at my fingertips. I really feel as though I'm delivering superior patient care."

Mark Brown, M.D. Vision Partners, Mobile, AL

"When I walk into an exam room I feel confident that I have all of the patient's data available to me at the push of a button. I vividly remember the days when we had paper charts, and charts and/or notes were missing—and how embarrassing it was NOT to have a complete patient history/chart—especially when the treatment plan was missing. It’s a significant part of a patient's first impression. Having a complete chart when needed often adds to the confidence-factor a patient feels under my care."

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