"Voice of the Physician" Petition

"Voice of the Physician" Petition

Are you worried about the government's expectations and how they will impact your practice?

Do you think that the burden placed on physicians will be too great?

Physicians are increasingly expressing their concerns about the EHR incentives, and SRS is consistently and passionately speaking out on their behalf, representing the interests of all high-performance physicians.

SRS delivered the "Voice of the Physician" Petition to the HIT Policy Committee at its August 14th, 2009 meeting, speaking for both SRS clients and non-clients alike.  In her presentation, the SRS Vice President of Government Affairs implored Dr. Blumenthal and the committee members to consider the realities of medical practice as they finalize the "meaningful use" and EHR certification requirements. The petition was simultaneously sent to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and to each member of the HIT Standards Committee.

These committees are starting to listen to alternative ideas. Even CCHIT has proposed a more flexible set of certification paths. As detailed in Straight Talk, we are being heard in Washington.

Read the response to the "Voice of Physician" petition from HHS Secretary Sebelius and Dr. Blumenthal:

Blumenthal Voice Of The Physician Letter

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